Video’s Testimonials

Sherie’s Story

Sheri came to Home-Start at a point in her life when she was suffering from an illness and was struggling to cope with twins and a young son. Home-Start Gosport and Fareham introduced Sheri to her volunteer Bill and he has been a great support to her and the children. Sheri  very kindly agreed to be filmed so she can tell her story and describe her journey of change whilst she has been with us.


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Emma’s Story

Emma was feeling lonely, was suffering from depression and needed some extra support to help with the demands of her twin boys, she was introduced to Kumi who visited her weekly to give her an ‘extra pair of hands’ and helped Emma to get out of the house and reduce her feelings of isolation.

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Kelly’s Story

Kelly was born with a club foot which has worsened during adulthood causing her to have mobility issues that affect her everyday life.

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