Getting Suppport


How can I get support?

If you are a parent looking for support, you can ask someone to refer you such as your health visitor, local Children’s Centre or any other professional or organisation that is supporting you.

You can also contact us directly on 02392 170180 or email Home-Start Gosport & Fareham requesting support and include a telephone number by following this link.

If you are a health visitor, doctor or involved with any other service working with a family and you feel they would benefit from our service you can make a referral on their behalf, with their consent. Please phone us on 02392 170180 to discuss the family situation and if a referral is thought to be suitable we will send you a referral form to complete and return or you can download one now from here.

We do not operate a waiting list; family support is governed by the availability and suitability of volunteers. We will always give you guidance as to the current situation regarding volunteer availability.

To send us a message please go to our contact us page.

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