About Us

Home-Start Gosport & Fareham is a local charity which was set up in 1995. We are affiliated to the national organisation Home-Start UK, but are independent and autonomous and responsible for our own management and raising our own funding. Home-Start UK provides advice and support and a stringent Quality Assurance review process to ensure the scheme operates effectively.


The charity is run by a board of Trustees who are volunteers from diverse backgrounds with particular skills and interest in children; our Trustees are responsible for the management and direction of the scheme.group

The Home-Start Gosport & Fareham scheme is run under a Quality Assurance system, developed in conjunction with Charities Evaluation Service, introduced during 2005.

Home-Start schemes and Home-Start UK regularly conduct self assessments against 4 Quality Standards to measure their own progress. Every three years there is a full review to externally validate their findings. The focus of the review is determined using information such as self assessments, reports on action plans and evidence gathered in advance and at a document review preceding the full review.

Scheme Reviews are led by Home-Start UK staff and include interviews with families, volunteers, staff and trustees.

Home-Start Gosport & Fareham were reviewed in August 2016.


Staff and Trustees

There are four members of staff, together with a network of trained volunteers who carry out the home-visiting parent support service.

Trustees  Role
Andy Stevens Chairman
Georgina Boase Trustee
Roger Facer Trustee
Sandra Regnard Treasurer
Paul Rann Trustee
Charlotte Britton-Stevens Trustee
Sally Langham-Brown Trustee
 Staff  Role
Louise Wheeldon Senior Co-ordinator
Jacky Morriss Co-ordinator
Caroline French Co-ordinator
Debbie Freemantle Administrator

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